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Behind the scenes: the EVOLVE Wallpaper Pack

We’re thrilled to announce the imminent release of our latest creation: the EVOLVE Wallpaper Pack. This wallpaper pack is the culmination of three months of dedicated work, where our goal was to deliver an exceptional premium experience to our customers.

Choosing Blender as our design tool was a pivotal decision. It allowed us to achieve truly remarkable results, especially with glass refractions—a feature we were eager to explore. For those familiar with Blender, you know it’s a complex software to master. It took patience and persistence, but we’re proud of the results and excited to share them with you.

Our Digital Experience Bundle members got the first look and gave us valuable feedback. The overwhelmingly positive feedback confirmed that we had crafted something unique and extraordinary.

The concept of "EVOLVE" became our guiding principle, reflecting not just an evolution in our design approach but also our desire to inspire personal growth. “EVOLVE” became more than just a name; it was an ethos that we embedded into our glass design wallpapers. The refractions captured our imagination, and we knew we had something special.

Weeks were spent meticulously crafting color schemes that would dazzle on any display. And now, it’s time for the grand unveiling. We’re committed to providing 8K wallpapers that not only look stunning on current screens but are also future-proof.

Rendering these intricate designs was no small feat—it took over 19 hours to bring all the wallpapers to life. Collaboration was key; we worked closely with multiple creators to refine our color choices and design elements.

But that’s not all—we’re also gearing up to launch an array of physical products related to the EVOLVE Wallpaper Pack. These tangible items promise to bring the essence of EVOLVE into your everyday space.

We’re overjoyed with the outcome and confident you’ll appreciate the artistry and innovation behind the EVOLVE Wallpaper Pack as much as we do.

Click HERE to explore the EVOLVE Wallpaper Pack!